lunes, 1 de marzo de 2004

Rough weekend

As you may have read on other blogs, this past weekend has been a rough one. First the repression by National Guards against people of all ages on friday. Next, burned tires all over Caracas and some important cities in Venezuela, and of course one cannot forget the exagerated reaction - again - by the National Guard. On sunday, hundreds of buses took almost every chavista in Venezuela to the march in Caracas, protesting against U.S. intervention (¿?). Guiness book should be called today to witness the biggest massive hangover in history, I guess fifty thousand chavistas must have had headaches from thousands of bottles of Anis Cartujo given to them as part of the pay.

According to radio, TV and blog reports, Caracas and Maracaibo have had the biggest clashes between people and National Guards. Both CCS and MAR have talibanes chavistas commanding the local National Guards, so that explains the strong repression. Here in Valencia, since the local police won't mess with us and General Burp (governor wannabe Acosta Carlez) is no longer in command of the local National Guard, we've had no confrontations. Nevertheless, people have blocked important highways and major Avenues, so Valencia is not driver-friendly right now. I don't agree 100% with this street-blocking strategy, but there's a time when you take the rights out of people (three times in a row), they feel they cannot take it anymore and they MUST direct the anger at something. I reckon if it isn't street-blocking, it could be something even worse.