martes, 27 de abril de 2004

Back on track

A mix of holidays, lazyness and pessimism has kept me from writing for the last few weeks. Some interesting stuff has been going on anyways. On the non-political field the Atlanta Braves have played quite well despite losing some important players, so the streak could continue for some time. Meanwhile, the Red Sox (my favorite team on the AL) own the Yanks so far. Is this the year the course will end? The team that doesn't thrill me is my dear Vasco. I hope the young guns start to play better, the Brazilian Serie-A Soccer Championship is just at its beginning.

On the Robberlutionary Republic of Venezuela, things are even better - for the government, that is. The Electoral Board has managed to wipe out hundreds of thousands of signatures without even saying why they were rejected. The CNE handed the opposition the database containing the valid and rejected signatures, but the data contains no information about the reason each signature was rejected. My brother, for example, appeared on Chavista MP Luis Tascon web site as having signed, but now his signature has no status whatsoever, as if he hadn't signed in the first place. In contrast, former venezuelan president Isaías Mediana Angarita (ID 1), who ruled from 1941 to 1945 and DIED on 1953, appears as if he has to go to the repair process. Another example, a co-worker signed on the same form along with her two parents and a sister, none were "assisted". Well, according to the CNE data my co-worker's mom has to go to repair, her father did not sign, her sister's signature is valid and her own signature was not processed.

So much for CNE transparency, huh?