lunes, 16 de agosto de 2004

OAS/CC back CNE results.

Major observers OAS and Carter Center have just said, in a press conference, their numbers are consistent with those announced by CNE early this morning. They failed to mention the fact that the observers themselves were denied entry to scrutiny room at CNE, as well as representatives from Coordinadora Democrática.

Also this morning Timoteo Zambrano admitted on a radio interview that the so called audits on the voting machines had not been properly done, and that they blindly agreed to go on with the referendum because of the lack of time between the audits and the event. In other words, we might have been robbed, but there's not much we can do about it. Personally, I believe that if there was a fraud, it was not on the voting machines, but on the scrutiny center. It's easier to hack only one machine instead of 10,000.

I'm still wondering where are those 5 million NO voters celebrating.

If those are in fact the real results, then democracy wins, but Venezuela loses. May our children forgive us.