domingo, 26 de febrero de 2006

YES to baseball, NO to slavery.

From Babalu Blog, we get to know the view from Jose Contreras, cuban pitcher who plays for the White Sox on the american league, on the upcoming World Baseball Classic. This quote resumes very well the cuban reality:

"Some say they know Cuba or have been to Havana, stayed in the nicest hotels and walked around. That's not Cuba. Walk in our shoes. Eat what we eat and get on those crowded buses and live in the homes like we do. Try to spend money and have people not accept it because you are Cuban. I have more money than I dreamed of, but my family cannot spend it in Cuba. You come as a tourist, yes, they will take your money and show you a good time. You live there and have money, they shut doors on you."

Now, just thinking of playing baseball - one of the most fun things one can do - under the supervision of these communist thugs gives me the creeps.

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