viernes, 17 de junio de 2005

Dirceu out, finally.

As a brazilian, I feel ashamed of these so called "homens do povo" (people's men) in Brasilia.

Reports said Lula cried when he found out about the scheme. I couldn't care less if he dried out his eyeballs. He was elected by 53 million people to get rid of corruption, generate 10 million jobs (as he promised), but hasn't done either.

I'm not saying he's as bad as Chavez, but I'm happy he's learning the hard way that being the government is not as easy as criticizing and making promises he cannot keep. I hope brazilian public institutions are independent enough to dig this scheme out and punish those involved. And Dirceu, while corrupt, had the dignity to quit.

In Venezuela, you could have public officials on tape commiting crimes (as we do), and nothing ever happens.