viernes, 3 de junio de 2005

Terrorist Summit 2005?

From the english version of Granma, we learn there's an 'anti-terrorism forum' going on in Havana. Guess who's presiding over it. Yes, Fidel Castro himself, sponsor and provider of safe haven for every terrorist and anti-democratic movements on the world. This must be a Cuban fool's day joke or something.

May I provide an example?

Mikel OteguiEusebio
Arzallus Tapia
Miguel Angel Apalategui Ayerbe
José Miguel Arrugaela
Josu Abrisketa
José Angel Urtiaga
Lutxiano Eizagirre
Amaia Egiguren
Iñaki Rodríguez
Elena Barcena
Iñaki EtxarteTomás Linaza
Peió de Lemona
Ramón Sagarzazu Gaztelumendi
Ramón Sagarzazu Olazaguirre
Luis Ignacio Iruretagoyena
Jesús Lucio Abrisqueta
José Manuel Isorna Santos

This is a list of known ETArras 'hiding' in Cuba, accused of car-bombings and killings throughout Spain. Another good example is Assata Shakur, whose real name is Joanne Chesimard, a NJ state convicted killer of a State Trooper. She escaped prison 16 years ago and is living in Cuba, where she has written and published a few books. Castro himself referred to her saying 'she is a fighter for the rights of her people', whatever that means.

Why Castro doesn't deliver a few of these criminals to their respective countries before asking for a 77 year-old man whose been acquitted TWICE of the crime they're accusing him for?

And there're still some people who believe every crap coming from Fidel and Hugo's mouths.