jueves, 30 de junio de 2005

Let the assimetrical war begin

Since I stopped going to the office last tuesday and began packing my things (I'll explain on my next post), sometimes I lay down a little just to swap some TV channels. Around 1300hs today, I stopped at VIVE TV, one of the government channels, which is supposed to be culture-oriented.

The 'cultural' program they were showing today was an Assimetrical war drill.

I kid you not.

While at all times there was "Simulacro de Guerra Asimétrica, Edo. Sucre, 03/06/2006" at the top right corner of the screen, the camera showed people running on the streets of the small village of Guayacán, on the eastern state of Sucre. At a different take, a man who appeared to be under the influence kept saying to the camera, among other things, that "...we know it, the invaders won't take our oil, the people, united, will never be invaded...(this actually rhymes in spanish)" and other not quite understandable stuff.

On the next take, a woman not surprisingly phisically similar to Lina Ron was talking to a group of around twenty women, mostly composed by teenagers. At one point, she said something that cracked me up: "When they come, we must let them know they're not welcomed here. Everybody must go to their homes, close their door, open their windows(!?) and play some venezuelan music at high volume, like Alí Primera". My laugh was so loud that I couldn't hear what she said next.

Then the 'invaders' came along. A couple of military trucks filled with men in military pants and white shirts arrived, playing the role of the evil soldiers from the empire. The first thing the local Lina Ron did was tell her troops to retreat, even when, according to her, "it doesn't matter if there are ten from them for each one of us, we can still win this thing".

There were also men talking on walkie-talkies, calling themselves 'Águila 1', 'Águila 4' (Eagle 1, Eagle 4), and pretending to be in a military operation, though the only 'coded' talking was their Águila names.

Unfortunately, this cultural program ended before knowing who won the assimetrical war. As I watched this, I wondered what the heck are these chavistas thinking. Do they really think the U.S. will invade us?, and if they did, do the chavistas think they can beat the marines driving them crazy with Alí Primera songs? Last but not least, don't VIVE TV people know that the exibition of such a program does nothing else than expose their supporters as plain stupid people?

When is this nightmare going to end?