jueves, 22 de enero de 2004

A little bit about communications to "journalist" Ernesto Villegas

Last Tuesday, state-owned VTV journalist Ernesto Villegas was brought to court by former Prosecutor Ramon Escovar Salom, in account of Villegas having the recording of a private TELEPHONE conversation with his son, Ramon Escovar Leon, broadcasted on Villega's morning "opinion" talkshow. When asked by a reporter why he thought he was innocent, Villegas justified himself saying the private media had done the same on April of 2002, when they broadcasted a conversation between Chavez and his military commanders. These conversations were held over RADIO, not telephone, thus they were not private, anyone with a radio set on the same frequency could have recorded them. The telephone recording without any authorization from the justice, on the other hand, is a CRIME. Besides, the conversation between the Escovars was about the signatures gathered by the opposition, just personal opinions, while the Chavez recording was about him sending troops to stop the opposition march going to the presidential palace on april 11, 2002.

Villegas, you're a disgrace for your fellow journalists. How about sending your resume to Granma?