martes, 10 de febrero de 2004

I wish I could see the same in Venezuela.

The General-Commander of the São Paulo (southeast Brazil) state police, colonel Alberto Silveira Rodrigues, said the version presented by six of his men about the killing of a dentist is false. The police officers, who are now in jail, killed Flávio Ferreira Sant'Ana with two shots, on a northern neighborhood of tha capital of the state, São Paulo. They had said the destinst had been mistaken for a thief. He allegedly had robbed a man, who was presented by the officers as their witness. The man came forward days later and said it was all a huge lie. Rodrigues, instead of standing behind his criminal officers, said he did not believe their story, and they will face charges.

I wish I could see a similar attitude when venezuelan police officers shoot people, then put a gun on their hands and say it was a shootout.