lunes, 16 de agosto de 2004

Trying to go back to routine. Not that easy.

I'm at work now. Here, one could guess a dear co-worker had died, from the look on everybody's faces.

On the matter of the results, the opposition is not buying it, and the fact that the Carter Center and OAS have not said anything at this time of the day is pissing me off. Reports say CNE VP Ezequiel Zamora and fellow director Sobella Mejías were not allowed in the add-up room, unbelievable! Also, audits on the results were witnessed only by CNE president Carrasquero and fellow directors Rodriguez and Battaglini, the so called three CNE chavistas.

I wonder why, for Pete's sake, if you're winning by a landslide, you keep opposition representatives out of the scrutiny room? It just doesn't make any sense.

Everybody's waiting for CC and OAS, 'cause we've learned the type of crooks these CNE clowns are. Those observers also have exit polls, and no leftist philochavista can say they're biased. If, and only if, they say Chavez won, then indeed we're doomed.